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Garden City Getting Tough on Sex Offenders

Posted by Adam Graham on April 9, 2007

According to the Statesman, Garden City’s taking some action to clean up the East side:

A draft ordinance that would prevent people convicted of a sex offense against a child from moving within 1,000 feet of places where children commonly gather will be discussed at tonight’s Garden City Council meeting.

Now, this would include the Boys and Girls Club in Garden City as well as schools and the library. Knowing the location of that club, having lived in Garden City, the Statesman’s conclusion isn’t surprising:

The 1,000-foot radius around protected areas would make much of the affordable east end of Garden City off limits to offenders leaving prison and looking for a cheap place to live.

The rules would not apply to offenders who already have established their residences.

I don’t think the East Side of Garden City is a great place to reform sex offenders. Near Veteran’s Memorial Parkway and Chinden, you have an over 19 shop. About a mile down on State Street, you’ve got another adult shop. Given the links between the sex industry and many sex offenders, it makes no sense to put them in a situation with so much temptation towards what can lead to re-offending.


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