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Why Conservatives Podcast

Posted by Adam Graham on April 10, 2007

Binky Boy actually stumbled in to a great question:

Today it appears that a lot of wingnuts are going to vlogging. Showing themselves doing some of the most inane things, opining about politics and basically having some fun with the medium. Why hasn’t this trend taken over on the liberal side of the blogosphere?

Applied to blogging and podcasting, it’s something I’ve thought about, Bink then stumbled into some ad hominems:

I think it has a lot to do with limiting your opinions only to those that will take the time to listen. Mainly, those that are already on your side, those that carry the same political, religious and social views as you do. Take for instance Adam’s rant against homosexuals that stated that gays are “diseased” and the national attention it got (thanks in part to Pam’s Blender). Adam was lambasted and mocked heartily by so many people that it had to hurt his ego. To that end, he seems to have decided to keep his most lopsided opinions on his audio or video shows. This keeps the people who don’t want to invest the time to listen to the ramblings of “um’s and ah’s” to a minimum, and to keep the comments section clean or only full of praises.

Well, first of all, I’ve never merited enough attention for Pam Spaulding herself to take me to task. Believe it or not, I have other things talk about, so this is entirely a fictictios event. My ego is not defined by anonymous liberals thousands of miles away.

Regarding ums. Ah-Actually, I’ve cut down on the number of “ums” to an almost professional use of it. Turn on Rush Limbaugh and he uses a few of them himself.

As to avoiding feedback, please! Give me a break. I publicly have advertised my showtimes. If you want to take part in the program, it’s just as simple as showing up, having the Talkshoe client and calling in. Binkyboy is not welcomed on this blog, but any other liberal is. I’d love Mountain Goat Report, Idablue, or whoever to call in and freely talk to me about an issue.

There are several reasons for the use of podcasts. First, is time. In the time it takes me to make 2 or 3 written posts, I can discuss 6 or 7 stories in-depth. Reuslt for me: time saving.

It’s the also the wave of the future. Bink talks of old klunky production costs for old time audio recordings. That’s gone. Equipment is cheaper, a quality mike is cheaper. People can listen to podcasts on their Itunes and a growing number do. It amazes me to think someone is listening to me talk while they walk down the street.

The doors are open wider than they’ve ever been for someone to get their own show. It’s a new medium with few established political voices. I see an opening and I intend to take full advantage of it. It doesn’t hurt that podcasting brings in a little bit of money, either.

The appeal of audio to conservatives to me is pretty obvious. It’s the same reason more liberals blog. Conservatives have always been more likely to call into talk radio, liberals more likely to write a letter to the editor. Extend it and you’ve got the blogosphere and the podcasting world. Top that off with the fact that most applications for podcasting are outside politics, and being run by small business people (who tend to be more conservative) and it becomes completely understandable why liberals don’t podcast in greater numbers. They have bad memories of radio.


5 Responses to “Why Conservatives Podcast”

  1. Uh, about that whole limiting opinions to those that agree with you thing. Is Binky’s blog still censoring comments?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Requires registration still. Absolutely.

  3. Lars [Visitor] said

    Appears you are wrong about Pam’s Blender. But you knew that, didn’t you?

  4. From the front page:

    43rd State Blues: Democracy for Idaho is a website of, by and for Democrats and those who lean towards Democratic, progressive causes. If you do not fit this broad category, or are simply anti-Democrat, we suggest you find a website more suitable to your ideology. Our house, our rules. Enjoy!

  5. Adam Graham [Member] said

    No, actually I never said I hadn’t been mentioned, but where I got national exposure for anti-gay remarks nevr happened. And if you read those posts, most of them are from Radical Russ razzing me on unrelated issues.

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