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Idaho News Round-Up

Posted by Adam Graham on April 12, 2007

The Idahoan provides his account of the District 10 Republican Meeting to Replace Bob Ring. It’s interesting that two conservatives were among the three choices sent to Governor Otter and even more interesting that Robert Vasquez didn’t make the list.

As much as some might complain about Idaho’s youth, let’s be thankful, according to a study, “Idaho teens don’t use drugs or drink as much as kids in most neighboring states.” I’m not surprised we did better than Montana. Having lived there, it seemed like a large number of high school kids were nursing a pack a day habit.

While, it might not really be like the Gestapo, but the idea of having neighbors inform on one another is disturbing. Trish and Halli have details.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Blogosphere, Idaho Fallz illustrates the problem of letting everyone post as the latest debate is whether we landed on the moon or not (I kid you not.)


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