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Wednesday Night Talk: No Imus, None of the Time

Posted by Adam Graham on April 12, 2007

Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report:

-Roseanne Got it Right the First Time

-The Accomplishments of the Democrat Congress
-Dealing with Change
-Prosecuting False Hate Crimes
-The Politically Correct Masquerade on Islam
-A Far Better Nepotism?

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Pam’s House Blend:

Roseanne Apologizes

Captain’s Quarters:

Fun Facts About the 110th Congress

US News:

No Pension, Heres’ How to Cope

One News Now:

Poll: Should False Hate Crimes Reports Be Prosecuted

Christian Author Says UN Resolution Against Criticism of Islam is a Farce

Asia News:

Accuses of Blasphemy, 11 Year Old Faces the Death Penalty


Hunter’s Son to Run for Dad’s Seat

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