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Conservative Blogging 101, Lesson 8: Promoting Your Blog

Posted by Adam Graham on April 15, 2007

There are several ways to promote your blog. I’m not going to go into detail, but rather I’ll give some general information that will direct your study and search for more:

1) Trackbacks

If you write a blog post about someone else’s post and they have trackback ability, send their post a trackback. The trackback lets the writer as well as their readers know that you wrote about the post. There are two ways to do this.

1) Use your internal pingers. WordPress and both have it as does b2evolution.

2) Set up an account a Haloscan account and use Haloscan’s trackback sender to broadcast your post. Click here for instructions.

There are several standalone forms such as Wizbang’s but I don’t reccomend them and I’ll explain why later.

2) Use Open Trackback Parties.

An open trackback party is where a blogger makes a post on his website available for anyone to send non-spam links to via the Trackback function.

I’m a proud co-founder of Linkfest Haven Deluxe where you can use the ping chooser to get links to all the linkfests and then send them trackbacks.

You can also host a linkfest provided you have trackback abilities.

Key point to remember:

Exchange links. Don’t trackback to someone’s party and not to link to them. When someone trackbacks you if you’re hosting, try and get their link added in a timely manner, preferably while the Linkfest is on the front page.

3) Be Listed in Technorati and have your blog claimed.

4) Use Blog Carnivals:

Find carnivals that match your niche and submit pieces to them. Out of some carnivals, I’ve gotten eight or nine links from people who enjoyed my pieces. Go to

5) Thursday 13s :

I’ve not had as much opportunity to do these as much, but I’ve gotten a lot of traffic and links when I did. The concept is that you post a list or topic with 13 things in it. Be it, 1) My 13 key core beliefs, 2) The 13 greatest ball games ever, etc. and then people leave their Thursday 13s and you link to them and you go to other people’s thursday 13s, and so on.

This and other blogging memes are a great way for your readers to get to know you. Click here for more information on Thursday 13s. Also take part in other blog memes. It’s a great way to express yourself and introduce yourself to new bloggers.

6) Blog Rolls:

A good source of links. Find blog rolls that fit your beliefs/style and join them. For example, I’m part of the Stop the ACLU Blog Burst, and the fighting keyboardist.

7) Social Bookmarking:

Digg,, and My Blog Log are great ways to promote your blog, by submitting content to these services and making it easy for your readers to do so.

8) Software specific tools:

What software, plugins, add-ons, etc. are available to help you promote your blog. It depends on the software. This is a great area to use research skills to find tools specific to your platform that will help you promote and grow your blog.

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