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Idaho News Round Up

Posted by Adam Graham on April 16, 2007

I’d agree with the Boise Guardian that we could provide better direction to our tourists. Really, doesn’t tell them where the Capital, the zoo, etc. is and we can definitely do better.

I was quoted in Today’s great Statesman article on Congressman Bill Sali by the Statesman’s new Washington correspondent:

Barring any future missteps, some analysts see Sali consolidating his hold on office. “One of the things that’s impressed me is how well spoken he’s been,” said Adam Graham, a conservative Christian blogger in Garden City who often defends Sali against liberal critics. “He’s very thoughtful in his statements. He’s no Ann Coulter. … I think he’s proven his critics wrong. He hasn’t done anything beyond the pale.”

Now to convince the Statesman reporters that I live in Boise now and not Garden City.

Speaking of Garden City, the Statesman complains loudly about the City’s proposed ordinance to bar sex offenders from within 1,000 feet of schools or the Boys and Girls Club:

The ordinance may unwittingly create a sense of false security by suggesting strangers pose the greatest risk to kids.

The ordinance foists Garden City’s sex offenders — and the job of tracking them — onto other communities.

Now, of course there are several points here that are untrue at worst and unfair at best.

First of all, we know relatives are a huge risk to be molesters. There’s no much we can do about that, we can do something about those who’ve been convicted and have a risk of doing so again.

No, Garden City would not be foisting its sex offenders on other communities. Garden City’s rules would only apply to people moving. Given that around .5% of Garden City’s residents are sex offenders, they have far more than their fair share. At some point, a community gets tired of being Boise’s armpit and the move is definitely understandable.

Trish and Halli applaud the House Leadership for a recent editorial defending their record, but explain why more is necessary.


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