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Bonds Lets The Press Have It

Posted by Adam Graham on April 17, 2007

And they deserve it:

“I have the utmost respect for Hank Aaron,” Bonds said. “Hank Aaron was a great ballplayer. He’s the home run king. To me, it’s just a tragedy the way the press is doing it. It’s sad. I have nothing but love for Hank Aaron, period. He’s one of my mentors, as well as Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays and all the other black athletes before my time, and he always will be regardless of what you guys write in the paper.

“Hank is one of the forefronts of history, just like Babe Ruth is one of the forefronts of history, and we respect that, and we all admire them and we all loved them for what they accomplished and (for) giving us a shot and goals to shoot after. We respect them all, and I’m not going to allow the press or anybody to say anything different out of my mouth.”

While Barry has his flaws, the one the media hates is that he doesn’t play their game. Good for Barry.

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