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I Wonder What This Is About

Posted by Adam Graham on April 17, 2007

Alan Keyes began a series on Renew America on the 2008 elections:

For some time now, I have been receiving emails asking my view of the election and the candidates who are competing for nomination, both Democrats and Republicans. Some people have urged me to get involved as I did in 1996 and 2000. Since I ran against him in Illinois in 2004, some of the media have sought my comments on Barack Obama’s campaign and personality.

For a long time, I have believed that the 2008 election would be a turning point for the survival of the American republic–i.e., our nation’s system of constitutional government based on the sovereignty of the American people and respect for their inalienable rights…

In many ways, the American people are like a monarch whose legitimacy, character, and resources are being systematically eroded by those who mean to replace his rule with their own.

One advisor tells him that the borders are under assault, and that parts of his kingdom must be sold off or surrendered in order to defend them. Another encourages him to kill off members of his family who might challenge him for the throne, while seducing him to waste his time in lustful pursuits with willing partners procured for the purpose. A third assuages his guilt over these crimes and vices by convincing him to abandon the stern morality of his ancestors, and turn from the religion that required it.

Distracted, demoralized, by turns arrogant, resentful, ashamed, and confused, he stumbles from one preoccupation to another, never realizing the truth–that each issue and temptation is only one part of a train of abuses that will end in his removal from the throne.

Don’t know what Dr. Keyes’ is writing about. I doubt it’s a run for the GOP Nomination (if he were interested in it, he would have been well-advised to visit Iowa and New Hampshire recently) but I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say.

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