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The Masked Inquisitioner

Posted by Adam Graham on April 18, 2007

Binky Boy is having his own private Idaho inquisition against Intelligent Design:

I’m requesting that people please send me any information they have, even if it is rumor, on Intelligent Design being taught in public schools of Idaho. I’m willing to question the schools, teachers, boards and anyone else, I just need leads to start with.

I know it is happening all over Idaho. We are the only red state that hasn’t had a huge explosion of creationism news, so it has to be a matter of time.

He just knows it must be happening and he’s pleading, “Somebody out there has to be a busybody who’ll report it.” Because, you see, nobody can dare challenge a 150-year-old theory that has more and more holes and overall increasingly fails to explain the origins of life in the Universe.

Yes, it makes sense, as the belief in matter self-creation requires an amazing amount of faith, that now it even requires an inquisition.


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