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Wednesday Night Talk: Reaction to the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Ruling

Posted by Adam Graham on April 18, 2007

Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report:

-Reaction to The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Ruling
-Idiotic Congressional legislation on corporations
-Obama on VA Tech, outsourcing, and Don Imus
-Richardson rising.

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Oval Office 2008:

Candidates Weigh In On Supremes’ Abortion Ruling

Richardson Winning Over the Net Roots


How Quickly Harry Forgets His Own Vote

Pam’s House Blend:

Supreme Court upholds fed abortion ban

43rd State Blues:

Supreme Court Ruling May Force Future Amendment


Building Families Around Fear

Club for Growth:

HOUSE Key Vote Alert – Executive Compensation

Don Surber:

Hillary Milhous Nixon

Hugh Hewitt:

Red State:

John Edwards: Trust The Government To Do Your Taxes

US News:

With Roles Reversed, GOP Sees Repeat of 1995 Shutdown Fiasco

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