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Swing and a Miss

Posted by Adam Graham on April 22, 2007

Bryan Fischer wrote in the Idaho Values Alliance update something I’ve been writing about some time:

Gay couples increasingly are not taking advantage of civil union options, even though such unions grant them virtually all the rights and privileges of marriage, and are marriages in everything but name. The most likely explanation is that homosexuals, who have a notoriously adventurous and promiscuous lifestyle, realize that entering into a civil union, just like entering into a marriage, means giving up rights more than gaining rights. In Vermont, only 548 homosexual couples entered into civil unions last year, in Connecticut just 18% of eligible homosexual couples have signed up, and in New Jersey, only 219 couples have taken advantage of that state’s recently enacted civil unions law. Gay activists, of course, argue that couples aren’t signing up because they will not be content until society recognizes their unions as “marriage” not just in practice but in name. This suggests that the press for homosexual marriage is not about rights but about forcing society to grant its highest level of endorsement to homosexual behavior.

Binky Boy responds

Ok, lets take this kind of screwed up logic a step further. Since heterosexuals over the age of 18 (not quite all states, but we’re going on a quick number here) also have gained the sudden right to marry, but don’t, that means that they have a “notoriously adventurous and promiscuous lifestyle” and since they arn’t taking advantage of those rights, they must be trying to make society accept that lifestyle.

Is Binky Boy serious arguing that teenage boys are generally chaste? The majority of 18, 19 year olds are not necessarily virtuous and are carring on a promiscuous lifestyle.

The problem with homosexual marriage is that if homosexuals were truly the marrying sort, they’d be settled down waiting for whatever rights they could get. We’re not talking hormonal teenagers. We’re talking guys in their 20s, 30s, heck even 40s who are involved in this and not getting married or civily unionized. An 18 or 19 year old is in a state of immaturity where they’re not ready, a 35 year old man can’t be said to be immature.

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