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Interesting Development from the Left

Posted by Adam Graham on April 23, 2007

From 43rd State Blues:

“The IDFC will promote pro-freedom Democrats and further the pro-freedom message throughout Idaho,” Startin said. “I believe this state will be quite receptive to our message. Hopefully we can help to revitalize the Democratic Party in general here.”

The IDFC’s first project will be Operation Strikethrough, an initiative to identify 50 unnecessary Idaho statutes and propose their repeal in Boise to the 2008 Legislature.

“The Republican Idaho Legislature passed over 350 bills just this year, yet failed to address serious property and sales tax issues. Operation Strikethrough is intended to demonstrate our rock-solid commitment to truly smaller government.”

I’ll be interested to see what they come up with. While part of me cynically expects a repeal of marijuana laws, the marriage amendment to be on tap, they may find some changes that truly need to be made and I’m willing to listen to good ideas from any quarter.

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