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Wanted: People To Support Evolution Who Don’t Care About Science

Posted by Adam Graham on April 24, 2007

From Evolution News and Views:

In their article “Framing Science,” Darwinists Chris Mooney and Matt Nisbet discuss the options for Darwinists facing an uphill battle against Intelligent Design scientists in the public forum. They note that the public doesn’t “get it” that Darwin’s theory is beyond reproach, and they agree that what’s needed is a new “framing” strategy, championed by political consultant George Lakoff.

Matt [Nisbet] and Chris [Mooney] suggest that we use a technique that they call “framing.” This consists of emphasizing the parts of the message that relate to the things that the audience cares about…As long as the people we need to reach are uninterested in the science involved in the issue, we’re going to need to find other ways to get them interested in the issue itself.

Notice the difference in strategy between proponents of Intelligent Design and proponents of Darwinism. Intelligent Design scientists are energetically seeking public and academic forums to debate the science. They fight censorship from Darwinists in universities and federal lawsuits from Darwinists in public school science classes.

Darwinists furiously suppress public discussion of the Darwin/Design controversy and now seek to enlist “people who do not care about science” to help the Darwinist cause.

People uninterested in science are a natural Darwinian constituency. They’re a mother-lode for philosophical materialists who deny the scientific evidence for design in nature.

Indeed, there’s a quite a bit at stake from idealogical perspectives for those on both sides of the creation-evolution debate despite some pretention that all the Darwinist side cares about is science.


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