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Wednesday Night Podcast

Posted by Adam Graham on April 25, 2007

Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report:

-The Environmentalist War on Freedom
-Anti-Free Speech Campaign Finance Reform Before the Supreme Court
-The Need for Public Domain Debates
-Gay Marriage Arguments Being Used to Defensd Incest
-Exposing the New Majority

-Lessons Liberals Learn in College
-Congress Does Something Right
-And Much More

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Club for Growth:

This is Worse Than Cheryl Crow’s Advice

Don Surber:

On Wisconsin

Michelle Malkin:

Free the presidential debates!

Right Mind:

He Saw This One Coming

Keeping the Majority Accountable:

Freshmen Democrats turn to embattled lobbyist for cash

Hypocrisy Watch

Agape Press:

Michigan student suspended for wearing ‘I’m straight’ sticker

College Republicans Rejected at University of Rhode Island


Gay Marriage Evil, Abortion Terrorism

How to Prepare for Alien Space Invasion

House Passes Taxpayer Protection Bill

James Dobson Says Prefers Families to Politics

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