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Effective Congressmen

Posted by Adam Graham on April 26, 2007

The complaint has been raised that Bill Sali isn’t effective as a Congressman, most recently by Mountain Goat Report:

Idaho’s First District Congressman Bill Sali continues his quest to embed himself with the tiniest of minorities. This time he’s voted with 19 others against a bill that would authorize support of science and engineering researchers.

Mountain Goat Report shows us the numbers, gives us no clue as to what the opponents arguments were against the bill, but give us an implication that being on the “wrong side” of a 397-20 vote indicates Bill Sali is wrong. In fact that Bill Sali is just willy nilly voting against bills because he’s “anti-science.” Did MGR call Sali’s office and ask? Get a statement he could respond to? No, just filed a charge to attack Bill Sali.

The assumption here is that successful Congressmen are never on the losing side of lop-sided votes. Of course, that’s not true. Mike Pence, one of the most powerful Republicans in Congress voted against the same bill.

How does one define an effective Congressman? Is it someone like Robert Byrd or Ted Stevens who’ve created our nation’s fiscal crisis with their massive egocentric overspending? They bring home the bacon, but grandkids get stuck paying the bill. Is it someone who passes big impressive government programs which end up doing more harm than good? No.

As I see it, the folks of Idaho’s 1st District msde a choice for someone who represented their values. Not the values of Seattle, the Bay Area, or Maryland, but Idaho values. In the current Democrat Congress, those values are not popular. Does that mean we surrender who we are and what we believe for some pork? Will we sell our souls to gain fool’s gold that kids and grandkids will have to pay for? Idaho said no.

They elected someone who would stand firm against the tides of statism and liberalism. They elected Bill Sali to represent their values whether they’re popular or not. It’s tough getting anywhere as a freshman in the minority party, but I don’t believe either status will last forever. I believe he’s got grit and determination mixed with a good style that will serve him well in the long run. Yes, some folks in Idaho’s political establishment didn’t like him because of inconvenient dedication to principle. But had we had 220 or so members of Congress like him for the past few years, I can safely say we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today, and only by electing more men of his caliber can we hope to make our way back.

10 Responses to “Effective Congressmen”

  1. Actually, I have asked him for answers to questions before, and he never answers. And you’ll notice he had no events during the recent recess where he was available to interact with the general public. (He did show up at my kids’ school, but only talked to members of the Republican club.)

    And 50.06% of those of us in the 1st District did vote for something else other than Bill Sali.

    Still, it’s probably a good thing that he is so inefficient. If there had been a majority of Congressmen like Sali, I imagine we’d be back in the 19th century.

  2. I took your advice, and sent his office an E-mail interview request. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  3. Wow Adam, you’ve really gone off the deep end if you think that stating the facts about Sali’s voting record is an attack. That water’s getting a little heavy to carry isn’t it? There were also some opinions expressed in the post but that’s kinda what blogging is all about, right? I notice that you didn’t offer any attempt to justify his vote on this particular bill; having a hard time trying to figure this one out?

    BTW, I’m really interested to hear Bubblehead’s report.

  4. Adam Graham [Member] said

    MG: You didn’t provide anything other than platitudes as to why this bill should be passed. I’m not going to spend the next two years looking at every obscure vote that’s dredged up with barely a hint of what the bill’s about. You’re not saying he’s wrong so much as you’re saying he’s in the minority.

    Bubblehead, do we need more Congressmen like Don Young, Ted Stevens, and Robert Byrd? We need more people bringing home the bacon and raising taxes, is that what I’m understanding? Do you think that’s what we need in Washington? I’d like to know.

  5. Rep. Sali was on KBOI this morning. I only caught the tail end of the interview, but from what I gathered his reason for voting no was twofold. First, it is part of a huge tax increase that the Congress is moving towards. Second, he believes that the actual programs for teaching math and science aren’t working, and just putting more money into them won’t fix it.

    He’s not my rep, so I didn’t follow the campaign much, but he seems to be a hard core “no new taxes” guy.

  6. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Thanks, Cameron. And I guess Bubbs, that would mean he is doing public events.

    Rep. Sali isn’t my Congressman, I prefer not to think about him.

  7. Alan [Visitor] said

    Bill Sali may represent some Idahoans’ values, but he doesn’t represent mine. I echo Bubblehead’s point; more people voted for someone other than Sali than voted for him.

  8. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Yeah, but 1.04% of the Population voted for Paul Smith of the Constitution Party, so the majority would prefer Sali over Grant if that were there only choices. He represents mainstream Idaho values, not liberal values.

  9. Mainstreat Idaho values, eh?

    Like being sure our children can spell, perhaps.

  10. Adam Graham [Member] said

    I fixed it. I can spell, it’s accurate typing that gives me the problem. I’ll keep an eye out for your next mis-placed comma, Julie.

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