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Tapping the Blue Market

Posted by Adam Graham on April 26, 2007

Wizbang! has announced the launch of Wizbang Blue, a liberal version of the site, along with it’s other franchises on sports, technology, pop culture, and of course general politics, in addition to the main conservative blog.

The liberal blogosphere needs another big liberal blog like the a 9th Circuit judge needs arrogance, but the move isn’t much about the need. The way I see it, it’s a money move. At Wizbang Blue grows, we’ll see “Advertise Liberally” blog ads buttons on there, I’m sure. More money for them and it’s not really selling out anymore than Capitalism requires. It’s like your local newspaper carrying George Will. It’s a sweet deal, I guess, but I’ll stick with the Wizbangs I like for my personal reading.


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