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Calling Them What They Are: My Turn

Posted by Adam Graham on April 27, 2007

Radical Liberals are domestic terrorists and they continue to strike at America. I know that’s offensive and will unfairly paint a broad stroke of a whole lot of people who are relatively peaceful, but I’m sure Chris at Unequivocal Notion would agree that Radical Liberals are Domestic Terrorists based on his similar statement on pro-lifers based on one incident. He’s heretofore chosen to ignore that mainstream pro-lifers have already come out and condemned the attempted bombing as they have other acts of violence.

Of course, Chris might say he was only talking about violent pro-lifers and acknowledge that there’s a difference (a first.) In such case, he could say he wasn’t declaring myself, peaceful friends, and Catholic grandmothers praying the Rosary to be terrorists. In which case, we can admit that Chris has nothing to do with some nut in Nevada who threatens Republican leaders.

I should also add that in fairness and seriousness, I don’t think liberals as a rule are domestic terrorists. There are extremists in every movement and we can debate who has the most, but painting everyone on the other side as a terrorist based on the nuts would be the sign of weak-brained arguments that can’t make a reasonable case. I recognize that, but I think it will be a long time before Chris does (if ever.)


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