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The Difference Between Haiti and Iraq

Posted by Adam Graham on April 29, 2007

Chris at Unequivocal Notion accuses Larry Craig of hypocrisy, writing:

And, let us not forget that Senator Larry Craig voted against funding the military while they were in Haiti. I guess things are different when you have a Republican President and when you have a Democratic President. Republicans have no shame when it comes to playing politics with the men and women in uniform.

Well, there was actually difference between the Haiti operation and the Iraq operation on a number of levels. First of all, the invasion of Haiti was to put the thug Aristede back in power. Secondly, the vote Chris cited was against allowing funding for operations IF Congress did not authorize the action. There were no forces yet on the ground in Haiti at the time of the vote and the UN resolution authorizing the invasion didn’t pass until July, 1994 and the abortive invasion wasn’t to occur until the following September. There’s a big difference between saying no to an action in advance and voting against funding our troops on the ground, fighting or trying to force them out of a meaningful combat.

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