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Weekend Podcast: No-Fault Divorce in Iraq

Posted by Adam Graham on April 29, 2007

Tonight on the True and Hope Report:

-Why Americans Want to Leave: No-Fault Divorce in Iraq
-Cutting the Budget: One Agency Under Attack
-The Pro-Abortion Side of the March for Dimes

-Making Abortion More Available in the Abortion Capitol of the United States
-Hillary Clinton Hypocrisy
-The Looming Crisis in Social Secuirty
-Tax Reform and Identity Theft
-Why America Hates All of Its Politicians
-Baseball Update: Sosa, Clemens, Schilling, and Koulfax
-Google’s Map Booble
-An Incomplete Reality Show Idea on Politics

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Red State:

Omar Has a Question

Cheney Rates Higher Than Reid

Reasoned Audacity:

How To Cut The Federal Budget at a Government Agency by Lurita Alexis Doan

Jill Stanek:

The March of Dimes Marches for Death

Michelle Malkin:

Hillary Violates Her Own Rutgers Pledge

Pro-Life Blogs:

New York Governor Plans To Make Abortions More Accessable

CNS News:

Congress Urged to Act Quickly on Social Security, Medicare

Evangelical Outpost:

Family Facts #13

Family Facts #14

Fox Sports:

Sammy Sosa hits 595th home run

Sox insist Schilling’s bloody sock is for real


Clemens in the majors? By end of May we’ll know

Israeli baseball team drafts Koufax in tribute


Chile: Google Earth moves a village to Argentina

MySpace, Burnett to Launch New Reality Show

U.S. Survey Shows What Not to Wear to Work

ID theft task force urges tougher penalties


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