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Billboard Bozos

Posted by Adam Graham on May 1, 2007

Boise has had a controversy over over some billboards placed by a local radio station’s billboards:

Between 10 and 20 billboards across the Valley advertise (name of station) with the caption, “Two Boobs in the Morning.” An ample woman’s chest, somewhat covered by a blue T-shirt, displays pictures of Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold, syndicated radio hosts based in Indianapolis. The Eagle has broadcast their program in the Treasure Valley for roughly eight years…

I saw these on Sunday Morning, not quite what I like shoved in my face when I’m on my way to church, or anywhere else really. It’s kind of tacky and tasteless. The advertising is everything people in the news story say it is: trashy, sexist, etc.

He said the billboard campaign matches the “silly and dorkish” tone of the morning radio show. It also appeals to the program’s target demographic: men between the ages of 25 and 54.

The particular billboard doesn’t make me more likely to listen to the station in general and it might make me less likely if I didn’t already not listen to them. This remains the problem for those who don’t like the billboard. They’re not going to take it down because their target audience is not all that incensed. While they’re trying to build up their 7:20 AM broadcast on Thursday, I won’t be listening. The decision will be to keep the ad up in the name of free speech. It’s something post-modern Americans love, to stand up and defend a mildly offensive and frivolous thing and then pretend that you actually did something.


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