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Defining Progressivism and Conservatism

Posted by Adam Graham on May 2, 2007

Alan at Idablue posted and endorsed Binky Boy’s definition of progressivism. Let’s visit these one by one and examine the progressive acid test

Do you believe that welfare is a necessary thing, that helping the poor, the injured, the repressed is worth the time?

Thus he ties welfare to the other three. Many on the right support causes, what makes progressivism tick is the common liberal tenet that we must help the poor and better society with someone else’s money. Conservatives give more than liberals, it’s a fact of life.

Do you understand why hyper-religion is so dangerous to America, but normal religion is healthy?

And apparently Progressivism heaps to itself the right to decide what is acceptable and unacceptable religious beliefs in society and what religion is normal.

Do you understand why equality amongst the sexes and races is worthwhile and still unaccomplished?

Translations: Are you ready to drag fights over race into the 22nd Century to win elections?

Do you feel that spending must be equal or smaller than income, and that sometimes that means that taxes have to increase?

Because we all know that we don’t spend enough money on government.

Do you understand class warfare and the swinging of the pendulum in relation to extremes?

Class warfare, ah yes, Comrade Marx would be proud.

So, how would I define True Conservatism’s tenets:

1) There is a division of powers and duties in society:

There are many things that must be done and each one has a proper person to execute them. Most of the time, the proper executer is not the government, but private initiative. The upbringing of children is the primary job of parents. The care of the poor is the primary responsibility of local communities and faith-based organizations. The primary control of education belongs in the hands of parents, etc.

When government must be involved, we understand that different levels have different functions. As we don’t need the federal government to fix our potholes, we don’t need City Councils trying to impeach our President, or Speakers of the House running Foreign Policy, nor judges legislating.

We also believe:

2) Government generally makes things worse

3) Marketplace competition produces better results

4) Society’s most important traditions should not be lightly cast aside

5) The rule of law is essential to a functioning society.

6) Big government leads to corruption

7) In a vigorous, but prudent foreign policy that is clear to friend and foe alike.

There’s more that could be added, but I have to get up tomorrow, so this will suffice.


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