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Wednesday Night Podcast: Truth and Hope Report

Posted by Adam Graham on May 2, 2007

Bringing you an informative mix of news and commentary, we talked about the following on the Truth and Hope Report:

It’s Great to Be An American
-Unconservative Conservatism
-Down the Path of Depravity
-Davy Crocket and Democrat Pork

-Pigeonholding the Bi-Racial
-The Absurdity of Early Debates
-Government Complicity in the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal
-Syria Loves Pelosi (but should America?)
-The Same Old Liberalism

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Civil Unions in Oregon, Incest Prohibition Repeal

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Promise Them What They Already Have

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Seven out of Ten GOP Hopefuls Could Be Excluded From Debate


Vicar, Web site throws light on Obama’s Irish heritage

Agape Press:

30-day sentence for child-molesting priest angers Catholic activist

Washington Times:

Syrians Bolstered bv Visit of Good American Pelosi

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