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He’s Back

Posted by Adam Graham on May 4, 2007

Lyn Perry is back from a blogging hiatus at Bloggin’ Outloud. He’s back to old tricks with a couple great pieces up that you’re sure to enjoy including Biblical Headlines and the Index of Forbidden Children’s Books. Unlike Random Yak, I haven’t been going over to his site. (I know whenever anyone on my list posts due to the magic of RSS)

Of course, there’s a cynical part of me that will wonder how long it will last. If I were a gambling man, I might set a pool for Lyn Perry’s next blogging retirement, but I’m just glad that like Spring, Lyn Perry is back in town for now.


2 Responses to “He’s Back”

  1. Sadly, I joined the RSS reading revolution only after Lyn took his hiatus from Bloggin’ Outloud…so it never occurred to me to add that site to my RSS. (Technically Bloglines). There are a few I check in with daily (yours included) in “hard format” rather than RSS…probably a sign that I am still behind the times, but some blogs I just have to read on the page itself. Yeah, definitely a sign of backwardness…

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    That’s okay, you count as a visit that way. I do have to say that RSS is going to make a lot of our stat counters irrelevent. I read 60 + blogs daily that I never visit.

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