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The Next Crime Bill

Posted by Adam Graham on May 4, 2007

From Scrappleface: House Panel Split on Ambivalence Crimes Bill:

Hate crime laws address the proven fact that a victim feels greater pain when he or she suffers as a representative of some downtrodden minority group, rather than simply as a person.

However, nothing in federal law extends special treatment to a person whose attacker has mixed feelings about the victim’s race, gender or degree of sexual disorientation.

According to an unnamed Congressional aide who helped draft the ambivalence crime bill, “People are murdered every day in this country by perps who can’t be painted with a broad brush as racists or homophobes, because they only really hate particular members of those groups…mostly just the people they kill. It’s a loophole that needs closure.”

Ambivalence Crimes? I don’t know how I feel about that.


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