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The Petty Truth

Posted by Adam Graham on May 4, 2007

There are many reasons good people don’t run for office. Some made pretty bad mistakes in their youth and don’t want those to ruin the lives of those they love. But, the fact is that political leaders have to deal wtih a load of garbage. Exhibit A, this story on Congressman Bill Sali’s recent mailer:

It’s a glossy, high tech flyer paid for with taxpayer money. And some constituents aren’t happy about it. In fact, they say it looks like a campaign ad, not a legislative update, and they want to know why they’re paying for it.
Yvette Sedlewicz got this glossy, three page mailer from Congressman Bill Sali’s office last month. ” I went to throw it into the garbage and I happened to see that it said paid by the taxpayer and I thought, wow, that’s pretty expensive,” said Yvette.

The congressman spent 32 thousand dollars of your money. That’s expensive, but he got a break. Politicians get a special governmental rate for mailers. We went to a local Kinko’s to find out what you and I would have to pay, a whopping 190 thousand dollars. Even so, it still makes Yvette mad, “It shouldn’t have been sent out at taxpayer expense.”

The story is much ado about nothing, along the same line of the Truth Squad’s story last year, “Sali is better at raising out of state money than Larry Grant” except they didn’t mention that Grant raked in thousands upon thousands from out of state in their attack on Sali.

Of course, anyone who knows about Congress or has ever been inside a Congressional office knows that the Sali flyer was nothing significant. Members of Congress frequently put out such fliers. They, in fact have a budget for their office and “franking privileges.” Congressman Sali has to keep his office within budget or he’ll have to make up the difference.

Notice here that Channel 2 didn’t seek out political experts. There was no conversation with Jim Weatherby or Randy Stapilus, no one checking with a political science professor. Instead, we have a bunch of reporters coming off like the Keystone Cops exposing a story that’s not a story.


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