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The Price of a Blogger

Posted by Adam Graham on May 4, 2007

My comment that Julie Fanselow coming on board with the LaRocco Senate Campaign would be bad news from the Grant Campaign given what Julie contributed blogging for the Democrat. My statement was respectfully challenged by Bubblehead:

I’m thinking Julie could do both jobs, and if she didn’t want to, I’m sure there are other successful Idaho bloggers who wouldn’t mind helping Larry out

Well, for Julie to try and do both with the same degree of committment she gave to Grant wouldn’t be possible to do both well. I also don’t think every blogger even a good blogger can necessarily be a campaign blogger. It’s hard work, requring the right mix of temperment, networking skills, and writing ability:

We have a very deep blogging bench here in Idaho, at least on the Dem side. Larry G will be OK, mainly because we will all be pitching in to help him.

Now, I look down the bench and I don’t quite see anyone who can step up to the plate. Julie’s help will help, but I just imagine what it would like if certain Idaho bloggers were given the helm:


Larry Grant is like an old submarine sinking deeper into-

Binky Boy:

On Civility:

(Bleep) Bill Sali, (Bleep) Adam Graham, (bleep) Bryan Fischer. it’s time for Larry Grant to go to Washington and stop all the insufferable idiots on the other side and bring civility back to Washington.

On Jobs:

(Bleep) Bill Sali, (Bleep) Adam Graham, (bleep) Bryan Fischer…

Mountain Goat Report:

Did you know that Bill Sali voted against making Paul Newton’s Salad Dressing a national treasure. Yes, while 420 other Congressman we’re up there supporting that well-known, Bill Sali, buoyed by contributions from the Club for Growth and Lays Potato Chips PAC is opposing public recognition of this healthy condiment.

In all seriousness, I can’t see most Idaho bloggers having the time, energy, and resources to pour into building the type of grassroots effort Julie did. It’s a tough job and who is actually up to the task?


4 Responses to “The Price of a Blogger”

  1. Not sure if you’re trying to insult my writing style, Adam, but it seems that about 4x more people like reading my stuff than yours.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    I’m actually making a point that the presence of bloggers doesn’t equal the presence of someone who can be a campaign blogger.

    Your blog is about 2/3 Submarine stuff, 1/4 movies and misc. personal observation, the rest politics. What I’m suggesting is that all writing is equal. Wasn’t that a great piece on biology by Suze Ornman?

    Writing something, even writing something well doesn’t mean you can write everything. (Exhibit A: All the novels by people who write science fiction.)

    Writing a Sub Blog doesn’t indicate you could write a political campaign blog anymore than you could write a shoe blog. They’re different types of writing requring different folks.

    As for audience size, let’s compare Apples to Apples. You write mostly about submarines, I write 90% about politics. You know there are probably some pretty darn popular blogs on cooking. That doesn’t have anything with my popularity or yours, because we’ve got different subject matter.

    Sorry, if you felt insulted. It wasn’t my intention.

  3. Hey, where’s that Paul Newton? Salad Dressing vote located; I’d like to link to it in my next post.

    Adam I’m shocked, utterly shocked that you wouldn’t care about your Congressman’s position on the salad dressing vote. Oh wait, I think I read somewhere that he’s not really your congressman; that you actually live in the 2nd Dist.

    Maybe those of us who are actually represented by Sali would appreciate knowing how he voted on salad dressing.

    I don’t know…food for thought. Mmmm strangely enough, I’m suddenly hungry.

  4. Adam Graham [Member] said

    In all seriousness, as you voted for Sorensen who doesn’t live in your district in the GOP primary, I certainly have a say because after all, whenever Bill Sali retires, I could be your next Congressman. :)

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