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Lesson 11: Video Blogging

Posted by Adam Graham on May 6, 2007

Video blogging is the final frontier of blogging. It is perhaps the least advanced form of blogging in terms of user-created content, but it still merits some discussion.

1) The advantages and disadvantages of Videoblogging:

Impact: If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good video is worth ten thousand. The things we see on video seem more real to us.

Price and practicality: It’s becoming less expensive to purchase a camera, equipment, etc. YouTube and other services makes it more practical to host your film.


1) Results

It’s really a hard medium to work in. Audio is the easiest, text and picture posts require formatting and editting, but video is something else. Issues arise like:

-Sound quality
-Hair and Ties

2) Persuasiveness-Whoever changed their mind because they saw it on YouTube.

3) Reach: Compared to other mediums, Video fails to reach as many people usually

To do video on your blog:

1) Have a camera

2) Edit Your Video

Bonus Tip: Always edit still pictures

3)Have a purpose for using video.

Obviously, if you’re video-minded go to town, but for the rest of us, Video-blogging may not be the easiest.

Trends to watch for in Video-Blogging:

Some clues that Video-blogging may be getting more worthwhile:

1) Better quality cameras available for less
2) Better video quality on computers

3) Monetization
4) Popular Regular non-professional Video Blogcasts

Click here to download the podcast.


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