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Not Vote Buying

Posted by Adam Graham on May 8, 2007

Boise Guardian expresses concern over the number of absentee ballot appliations rolling in:

GUARDIAN sources tell us more than 10,000 Ada County residents have already applied for absentee ballots in the single issue Community College election.

The Community College vote on May 22 has us concerned because there is just too much money being tossed at this thing by too many well to do people in the big business community. We don’t oppose the concept of a community college, but would feel a lot more comfortable if we had hard numbers, names, and taxing authority limits.

While legal, the practice of sending absentee ballot applications reeks of buying the election—especially when the application is attached to a partisan advertisement. My mother would have called the practice “tawdry.”

It also creates costly and unnecessary work for the election clerk’s office.

Sending in absentee ballots is not buying the election and if the Boise Guardian missed it, there was a lot of this going on from Democrats in the last election and they’ll be a lot more going on from both parties in 2008. I personally have not returned a ballot as I intend to do something novel and actually vote on election day. I’m a little old fashioned that way.

Look for an opposition group to fire up its own machine in the next week or two, telling folks why they should vote “NO” on the proposal. Opponents get a “two for one” advantage in the election because it takes a 2/3 majority to pass. All they need is 34% to claim victory.

I would say that given this was written on 5/4 and a week or two for then would be 5/11-5/18 (four days before the election) the opposition will end up a day late and a few hundred thousand dollars short. Polling in the area before the campaign showed support around 60%. With the campaign’s methods and prominence, I think that supporters will get th extra 6 or 7% needed and this will be approved by a broad vote.


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