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Wednesday Night Conservative Podcast

Posted by Adam Graham on May 8, 2007

Tonight On Truth and Hope :

-Illegal Immigration and Terrorism
-Rudy and Planned Parenthood: Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be
-The Balkinization of America
-Two Deceptive Democrats

-Racial Preferences by Any Other Name

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Michelle Malkin:

Terrorist plot in Cherry Hill, NJ; illegal aliens among alleged plotters;
a John Doe turned them in; press conference at 2:30pm Eastern;
Fort Dix has been a refuge for ethnic Albanians; details from the complaint;

Dix responds

Captain’s Quarters:

The Flight to Fly Over Country

Majority Accountability Project:

Boyda, Shea-Porter reverse course on campaign contributions

LaShawn Barber:

Holistic Review Exposed

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