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Nail on the Head

Posted by Adam Graham on May 9, 2007

Rarely do I agree with James Carville, but he nailed the whole Rudy-Planned Parenthood issue (via Pam’s House Blend):

Planned Parenthood — let’s be factual here — is a group that provides information on birth control and is an abortion provider. And he contributed $900, and he stands up and he says he hates abortion.

I don’t know, but, if I were, as many members of my own family, are very pro-life, I would think that they would be upset.

And I noticed this Mr. Richard Land down at the Southern Baptist Convention, I don’t think he’s too impressed with this whole thing. And I think there are a lot of Christian conservatives who are pro- life that don’t really believe that Giuliani really hates abortion. If you’re pro-life, it’s pretty hard to reconcile.

If somebody said they were anti-discrimination and gave four checks to the Klan, I would probably be skeptical of them.


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