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Thursday Night Conservative Podcast: Rudy, Bring It On

Posted by Adam Graham on May 10, 2007

All else having failed, Pro-Abortion Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani tries honesty. I welcome the change as it presents a stark choice for pro-lifers in this election.

Also on the Truth and Hope Report:

-The Catholic Church and pro-abortion politicians receiving communion.
-Rudy Snubs Farmers
-Why Conservatives are disastisfied with current presidential choices
-The Campaign Committee Chairman Who Doesn’t Get It
-Democratic Politics Don’t Stop at the Water’s Edge

-Ordering an end to low gas prices in Wisconsin
-OJ’s Diner Debacle

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New York Times:

Giuliani Plans to Publicly Embrace Abortion Rights

ABC News:

Rudy’s Pro-Choice Stance: Will He Suffer

Washington Times:

Pope Ties Abortion, Excommunication

Fox News:

Pope’s Abortion Words Don’t Shake Up U.S. Political Races

Giuliani Snubs Jones County

Save the GOP:

Looks Like We’re Back to Fighting the Establishment

Red State:

On Bob Shrum and Why We Should Not Expect Much in 2008

Why aren’t we satisfied with Rudy, McCain, Romney?

Majority Accountability Project:

I see London, I see France, I see Gillibrand raising cash

Club for Growth:

Gas Stations Just Can’t Win

Wizbang Blog:

O.J. Simpson Shown the Door at Louieville Steakhouse

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