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There is No Topic Weekend Open Trackbacks

Posted by Adam Graham on May 11, 2007

I was going to post a video but it disappeared. Oh well.

Now onto the party:

First, the rules:

1) Post about anything that’s in good taste. No porn, no spam, no profanity.
2) Send me a trackback of any tasteful post you want and as soon as I check my blog, I’ll update this post with your link provided you link back to this thread. If your software won’t allow you to send trackbacks, just use the Wizbang Standalone Pinger.
3) Deadline is Sunday at 11:00 PM MT. Further trackbacks won’t be posted after that time.

For your convenience here’s today’s link. If you’re a registered user, the, trackback should appear below. If not, here’s the process:

Enter the characters as shown in the box and something like this should appear

This is a Trackback URL that’s good one time only so that we can seperate humans from spammer bots.

Below are other great parties:

Linking In:

Conservative Cat:

Is Katie Couric Bad for CBS Evening News?
Laura Ingraham’s Lie of the Day is a quote about Katie Couric. “If the [CBS Evening News] continues to be as good as it has been … people will start to watch. It takes time,” said Linda Mason, CBS News…

The World According to Carl:

Christian Cartoon
I saw this on a handout at church this morning. I thought it was funny and wanted to share it with all you wonderful readers.

Planck’s Constant:

Why The MSM doesn’t Report Black on White Murders
Blacks attacking whites happens so much, perhaps it’s better for the public not to know how often it does happen.

The Florida Masochist:

Nice thought
As I noted earlier, little mention has been made of Mary Karen’s birth mother. Perhaps she is keeping her grief private. Thank you Virginia Tech for not forgetting Yon Son Yi.

The World According to Carl:

Carey Bell — R.I.P. — 1936-2007
I have been so busy this week with my part time job and home chores that I am remiss and late in posting this. Carey Bell, blues harmonica player extraordinaire passed away due to heart failure last Sunday at the age of 80. Carey Bell Harrington was bo…

The World According to Carl:

Godly Wisdom — May 11, 2007
God Will Deal With All Wicked People, Regardless Of How Many There Are

The Florida Masochist:

Ricky Williams did it again
An NFL league source says he has tested positive for marijuana again.


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