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Conservative Podcast: Is the GOP Breaking Up?

Posted by Adam Graham on May 14, 2007

Tonight a discussion of what a Hagel/Bloomberg Independent Candidacy could mean for the GOP, Congressional Corruption, Ron Paul’s earmarks, a showing of Brokeback Mountain to 8th Graders, and a reason that partially explains the “scientific consensus” on evolution.

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CBS News:

Hagel-Bloomberg in ’08: You Never Know

Wizbang Blog:

Surprising: New Yorkers Prefer Bloomberg over Giuliani, not just as Mayor but as President, too

Outside the Beltway:

Ron Paul Loves Earmarks

Save the GOP:

Sanford Slams GOP on Eve of Debate

Green Eye Shade:

John Campbell: The Democrats’ FY08 Budget: Setting a Dangerous Course

Red State:

John Boehner’s Stooges Think the Conservative Base Is Ignorant and Stupid

Fred Waiting Until July

Cybercast News Service:

NYC Mayor Agrees to Follow Virginia Law in ‘Gun Stings’

Fox News:

Chicago Board of Ed Sued for Teacher Allegedly Showing ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in Class
(Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin)

Evolution News and Views:

Iowa State Professor Who Was Denied Tenure Exceeds Department’s Tenure Standard by 350%

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