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No More Ms. Nice Cat

Posted by Adam Graham on May 14, 2007

In a great (albeit a tad odd for Mother’s Day) post Cat lays down the law:

I am so tired of people thinking that Christians have to be “nice.” Folks, Christ didn’t die to make me “nice,” He died to save me from my sins. He died to ransom me out from under the wrath of God. He died to give me life, and to give it to me abundantly. He died to make me HOLY, separated unto Himself.

He didn’t die to make me “nice.”

Let’s take a little look at being holy, for instance. The one truly holy being in all the Universe is God Himself – and God isn’t “nice.” He is good, He is loving, He is perfect… But He isn’t “nice.”

God is the Judge of all the Earth, and He will do what is right – including punishing the unrepentant wicked. He will also punish the unrepentant “good.” He has clearly stated that all of our so-called “good” works are like filthy rags (the original means used menstrual pads, guys), and that without faith, it is impossible to please Him. He demands that we worship Him; that we have no other gods before Him; that we not blaspheme His name; and that we love Him with all our hearts, minds, soul and strength. He has offered a way – His way – to make us perfect and holy in His sight, but if we don’t do it His way, we have no other hope of heaven. If we don’t do it His way, we go to hell.

Not very “nice.”

Amen. Preach it.

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