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Conservative Podcast: The Left Dances on Falwell’s Grave

Posted by Adam Graham on May 15, 2007

Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report:

Liberal attacks on Jerry Falwell intensify after death with Falwell not able to defend himself. Fred Thompson’s indecision on a presidential run inspires a ballad. Demoratic Freshmen sell national security for campaign cash, government funded illegal immigration, and do you have the right not to have a homosexual roommate?

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Christianity Today Live Blog:

Jerry Falwell Dead at 73

Right from Left:

Hot Air

Majority Accountability Project:

Shuler, Donnelly among big winners after Iraq vote

Idaho Chooses Life:

National Poll Finds Pro-Life Majority

Washington Times:

Aiding and Abetting Illegals


GOP Torn: Clean House or Shield Members


Court to review Internet straight or gay query

Human Events:

The Solutions Project: Eric Cantor

And Speaking of Fred Thompson Videos

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