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The Wrong Day to Defend Planned Parenthood

Posted by Adam Graham on May 16, 2007

Julie revels in Republican “Fractiousness” in a press release from Richard Viguerie who warns that if Giuliani’s the nominee, the GOP will not survive.

Julie makes an appeal to voters:

As a Democrat, I’d say to disaffected Republicans: At least look at our party. We are working for fiscal restraint, personal responsibility, and an America that can once again cooperate with the world community. Religious extremists and free-market zealots will not feel comfortable in our fold, but many who feel abandoned by the GOP can find a home here under our big tent.

Yeah, if you happen to be pro-life, you can even get ripped to shreds by a liberal blogger. As for fiscal restraint, let me translate that: Tax Increases and Spending Increases. As for personal responsibility, the Pelosi-led House has seen numerous members of Congress renage on their campaign promises and even trading votes on national security for big campaign contributions. However, look at the two parties and find whose closer to your views and join up.

However, Julie goes into a defense of Planned Parenthood:

Well, I’ll note here that as the nation’s largest supplier of contraceptives, Planned Parenthood has prevented far more abortions than it has provided. The so-called conservatives just don’t get this, because it’s about women having control over whether and when to have children.

Given that Planned Parenthood encourages the free love culture, and that 58% of women who have abortions were using birth control before they became pregnant, I would say that Planned Parenthood’s prevention is somewhat temporary. They create a culture of contraceptives and the image of conseqeunce-free “safe sex” that when the odds go against you ends in huge negative consequences, including unplanned pregnancies and abortions.

However, Planned Parenthood is not quite a group to be defending right now given the national news:

A teenager in Ohio has sued Planned Parenthood affiliates in Cincinnati, alleging that when she sought an abortion, its employees failed to report that she was a victim of incest.

The lawsuit comes at a time Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles is fighting back against a pro-life activist who posed as a pregnant 15-year-old and recorded a clinic employee suggesting that she lie about her age to avoid filing a statutory rape report.

The suit in Ohio alleges that when the girl sought an abortion in November 2004 — she was 16 years old at the time — she told Planned Parenthood staff that her father was the baby’s father and that he had been raping her since 2000.

It alleges that the employees did not comply with Ohio law, which requires them to report suspicion of rape and incest to authorities. The suit charges that failure to report the rape led to another year and a half of abuse.

The girl, whom Cybercast News Service will not name because the crime was committed when she was a minor, is seeking $25,000 in damages “to compensate her for the severe harm she has suffered as a direct result of [Planned Parenthood’s] breach of their duties owed her.” She also asks the court to levy punitive damages against Planned Parenthood.

Now, their main responses to the California story has been to threaten the Investigative Reporter with a lawsuit, because she exposed Planned Parenthood’s willingness to break the law by encouraging a minor to lie to avoid filing a statuatory rape report was filed, as well as showing a Plannned Parenthood staffer stating she wished she’d aborted her 16 year old son to finish school.

I’ll have some reporting on the next couple days on our own local Planned Parenthood. Stay tuned.

But given the news hitting recently, perhaps Julie should have saved her defense for another day.


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