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Who Is Anti-Mormon?

Posted by Adam Graham on May 16, 2007

I’ve got to admit any article that declares Bill Sali, Brandi Swindell, and Bryan Fischer to be socialists has an interesting perspective. After describing how Mormons came to vote GOP thanks to an anti-Mormon Democratic Senator named Fred Dubois

Fast forward 100 years and that adage still holds true. But I believe today’s Idaho Republicans take the Mormon vote for granted much more than they should. Consider that the Idaho Republican Party is increasingly dominated by evangelical Christian extremists, a community which just happens to be known to preach against Mormonism as a godless, heretical cult. Ironically many Idaho Democrats, particularly the more liberal elements, are openly disdainful of Mormons because they lump them in the same boat as the aforementioned Christian extremists.

Increasingly Mormon voters are left with a Hobson’s Choice: continue to support the Republican Party, which is more and more dominated by people convinced they’re going straight to Hell, or support the Democratic Party, which they perceive as a cabal of liberals hostile to their faith.

This is an incredibly simplistic analysis, typical of a Democratic Party that prefers to treat people as a group only concerned with parochial issues (the same people will tell you the main issue Blacks should worry about is affirmative action.)

The LDS Church values family very much, and after the late 19th Century repudiation of polygamy, they’ve become as big of advocates against things like gay marriage and abortion. It is not as if the vast majority of LDS folks are pro-choice Socialists who long for the nationalization of health care. I should note that Bubblehead is pro-choice, but he’s in the minority.

The argument here is that Mormons should jump ship because Evangelicals disagree with them on theology to join Democrats who also by and large disagree with them on theology. Evangelicals didn’t protest the appointment of an LDS Lieutenant Governor. We have an LDS Congressman, and an LDS US Senator, all Republicans. The fact that the Minority Leader of the Senate is a Minority Leader was cited in the article, but so is the Majority Leader!

Consider the Bryan Fischer/Brandi Swindell/Bill Sali strain of evangelical Christian socialism will never truly succeed in Idaho without Mormon support. They’ll never get lasting Mormon support until they prove they’re not out to discredit Mormon faith. To date they’ve done a terrible job of that; this is their fatal flaw. Uncle Fred’s ghost haunts them too.

As for Democrats, while we can debate at length the validity of Mormon theology, the fact is Mormon culture in Idaho is very real. As our experience with Uncle Fred 100 years ago shows, we ignore that at our own peril. Whoever drops their prejudices first has a lot to gain.

Have Fischer/Swindell/Sali done anything in their political capacities to oppose the Mormon Church? No. I think that most Mormons, Catholics, and Evangelicals will agree more often politically than they disagree. As for the theology, that debate can be held for decades: door to door.


2 Responses to “Who Is Anti-Mormon?”

  1. Mr. Sali has been quite unwilling to answer questions about his personal feelings about the LDS Church, or if he believes, as the leader of his church teaches, that Mormons aren’t Christian. Other congregations of his church have actively protested against LDS temples being built.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Bubblehead, and members of your church have come to the door of members of his church trying to convert them. So what? Calvary Chapel is a big organization and like most Evangelical churches is very congregation. Obviously it wasn’t Calvary Chapel Kuna there.

    His views of the LDS church religiously are quite irrelevant. Doubtless he, as you or I or anyone else has churches and philosophies that he disagrees with fundamentally. Has he ever slighted LDS members? Has he ever not supported a constitutent who was Mormon? I don’t give a rip if somebody agrees with my religion, only how they govern in office and whether that’s consistent with my values.

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