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Blumenauer: Curses, Karl Rove, You Foiled Us Again

Posted by Adam Graham on May 17, 2007

For our money-driven politics, some will blame special interests for trying to influence policy, others will blame government for enlarging it’s size and scope as well as the complexity of government to make attempts to influence the government a matter of survival. Others, we learned today, blame Karl Rove. In announcing that he would not run for US Senate to join such giants as Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and of course Daniel Akaka and Maria Cantwell, Congressman Earl Blumenauer declared:

The winning candidate should devote 100 percent effort for the next 18 months to overcome the onslaught that will come from the incumbent, Karl Rove and the Bush White House, and the many special interests who want to keep Smith in office.

Karl Rove=the Democrat Bogeyman. Yes, running for US Senate is a full time job, but it had become that way long before Rove came along. Karl Rove gets thrown in on any sentence. What are they going to do in 2009 when Karl Rove says adios?

Hat Tip: Red State Rebels


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