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I Don’t Think This Was Ernie Banks Meant…

Posted by Adam Graham on May 17, 2007

When he said, “Let’s play two.” According to Ben Mailer:

Manager Ozzie Guillen provided an amusing solution to bringing New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez to the White Sox. “A-Rod is going to play for the city of Chicago,” Guillen deadpanned. “He’s going to talk to Mayor [Richard] Daley. When we’re in town, he’s going to play for the Sox. When we leave town, he’ll play for the Cubs. When we play against each other, and we’re home, he’ll play for us; when we play at Wrigley, he’ll represent the Cubs. “Say it’s so. Mr. Daley will pay the Cubs, just to make everybody happy in Chicago. Now he’s a savior for both teams.”

You have to love Ozzie Guillen and let’s be honest, it’s not all that bad of an idea given that it would violate nearly every rule of the game regarding teams and players. Half of Alex Rodriguez will hit about 20-30 Homers a year, and drive in 70-80 Runs, thus at $12.5 million, he’d be slightly overpaid.

The only way Ozzie’s proposal could be better is if he played Shortstop with the Cubs, Thirdbase with the White Sox. Of course, on days when the Cubbies and White Sox played on the same day with the Cubs playing a day game and the White Sox playing under the night sky, it would really have to be, “Let’s play two.”

Unfortunately, as the media has informed that A-rod’s a spoiled superstar, I bet he’s still spoiled to go along with this great plan. Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men..


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