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How NOT To Fight Amnesty

Posted by Adam Graham on May 18, 2007

Confederate Yankee praises the Ace of Spades suggestion:

Write, call, and fax your Congressmen and Senators — especially Republican ones — and let them know you will never vote for them or their party again should the immigration bill actually pass.
And let them know that you don’t particularly trust them on national security, spending, or taxes either, so they won’t wrongly believe those trump cards will still win the hand for them. Let them know if this isn’t scuttled — if the border isn’t secured first, verifiably, before any amnesty legislation passes — you will no longer vote for, volunteer for, or donate to any Republican candidate for any office ever again.

Not a dime, not a vote.

The Confederate Yankee adds in a letter to Senators Burr and Dole:

Tonight, I will tell my readers, conservative Republicans, fence-sitting conservative Democrats and moderates, that if the Senate passes the pending illegal alien amnesty bill, that I will formally abandon the Republican party, as it has abandoned me. I will then ask them to do the same. I will ask that they refuse to contribute to Republican campaigns. I will ask them to stay at home and refuse to vote for Republican candidates, or even consider voting for Democrats in protest in 2008.

And today, I will tell you that what is being proposed is plain and simple idiocy. Who are the opponents of amnesty, almost to a person? Republicans. What Confederate Yankee/Ace of Spades are saying is, “Let’s punish those people who oppose amnesty along with those who supported it. That will show them.” Indeed, it will. Electing a bunch of Democrats who are even worse than the Republicans to protest how bad the Republicans are will make people in Washington think America wants more liberalism and more amnesty.

Last year in the Republican House, the Amnesty Bill was deader than a door nail. There were thousands of e-mails forwarded telling us not to vote Republicans and now with GOP losses in the House and Speaker Pelosi in power, we’ll get the amnesty.

Do these people how to be constructive? How about throwing the bums out in the primary, taking some money and spending it on a Conservative Candidate for the White House like John Cox who is a stalwart against illegal immigration and the country’s fiscal mess. Heck, I give the Constitution Party more points for creativity and guts. Instead, it seems some people would rather just throw a hissy fit rather than actually doing something. Well folks, I’m in the “Do Something Caucus” and I’ll keep fighting for America, and for the time being that will continue to be in the GOP because that’s where the people who are fighting for this country’s values are. Yes, there are some amnesty sell-outs, a whole mess of them, but throwing a temper tantrum is not an option for me or anyone who expects to make a difference.


9 Responses to “How NOT To Fight Amnesty”

  1. “Blessed is he that considereth the poor:the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble” psalm:41, verse:1

    The illegal immigrants are the poor of this land, they clean our toilets and do menial jobs that most of us would disdain, so we being christians, should we not have compassion for the needy?, they are here, for they have none other place to go.

    “The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble
    For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever”
    psalm:9, verse: 9 & 18.

    so we who have been blessed should we not stand for the downtrodden?, Is that not the Christian way?.

    “Love Ye,therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt”
    Deuteronomy:10, verse:19.

    remember, we are all immigrants here in America.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    remember, we are all immigrants here in America.

    Yes, but some of us came here legally. The rule of law makes this land worth living in and if we’re going to be throwing out random scriptures, here’s one for you, John 10: “Verily, verily I say unto you, he that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.”

    The illegals are not the poor of “the land.” They’re the poor of someone else’s land and they will remain poor in Mexico as long as we provide a release valve that allows people to leave that country illegally. By tolerating illegal immigration, we a re propping up Mexico’s corrupt government as it creates an economic nightmare.

  3. u are quoting out of context and u know it, the quote u are giving is about Jesus being the Good Sheperd, who will not leave His sheep in times of trouble.

    “Thou Shalt not oppress an hired servant that is poor and needy, whether he be of thy brethren or OF THY STRANGERS THAT ARE IN THY LAND WITHIN THY GATES
    At his day, thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it: for he is poor, and setteth his heart upon it: lest he cry against thee unto the Lord and it be sin unto thee.
    Thou shalt not pervert the judgement of the stranger nor of the fatherless nor take a widow’s raiment to pledge
    But thou shalt remember that thou wast a bondsman in Egypt and the Lord thy God redeemed thee thence: therefore I command thee to do this thing.”
    Deuteronomy:24, verse:14-15,17.

    Jesus, the Master of simplicity, explained to us in very clear terms,on the greatest commandments
    Thou shalt love thy Lord thy God, with all your heart, soul and might.

    Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
    that is why He told us the parable of the Good Samaritan.He also told us ” whatever you do to the least of your brethren, you do it unto Me”. so before we turn a blind eye, should we not take a closer look at the plight of the strangers in our land? for we just might see the Face of God.

  4. Adam Graham [Member] said

    u are quoting out of context and u know it, the quote u are giving is about Jesus being the Good Sheperd, who will not leave His sheep in times of trouble.

    No, it’s about those who enter the kingdom some other way being thieves and robbers, but the principle applies to real life. It’s a parable with a real life meaning. Someone who comes into a sheepfold other than through the door is a robber. Someone who comes into the country some other way than legally is a thief.

    And you don’t care about your neighbors in Mexico who because we take their poor people, don’t reform their country, don’t clean up corruption. This bill if passed will condemn Mexico to live under corrupt rulers. They will never be anything other than a third world country, and millions will die from infant mortality. What would Jesus Do?

  5. Adam Graham [Member] said


    Give them a bowl of soup and a bus ticket back to their home country. He would then work to make it easier to get here legally and enforce immigration law.


  6. andrew branco [Visitor] said

    I think that whoever is here illegally should just get deported. I don’t think there should be a path for legalization if they are here illegally, if they wanted to be legal why not go through the process like everyone else? And learn to speak our language? They have the strictest border policy out of anyone probably but they think our border policy is a joke. I dont think they should have a right to protest either and I think there should be a penalty for wilfully hiring them. The only way to stop illegal immigration is to kick them out and build the 700 mile fence along the mexican border. Even if there was a path of legalization im guessing alot of them wouldn’t take it anyway so why even bother? No matter what the US wants to do to be fair to them its not going to stop illegal immigrants from coming in that is why the US needs a fence. I am in no way racist but this is ridiculous about 10% of the US population is illegal immigrants and thats only the ones the US even knows about.

  7. Harry Sack [Visitor] said

    Yes i agree, illegal immigration… sucks ass

  8. dale gribble [Visitor] said

    ya illegal immigration does suck and if you liberals arent for deporting them and building a fence you can get out

  9. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Well, the ridiculous thing, Blithe is that we don’t really know how many illegals we have. How do you know how many people we have here that we don’t we have.

    It does start with employer enforcement, that’s the bottom line, if we don’t get tough on the guys who provide them jobs, they’ll keep coming back for sure.

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