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This Looks Like a Job For…

Posted by Adam Graham on May 18, 2007

Clayton Cramer writing at his blog expresses frustration with Senator Craig’s backing of amnesty:

I am beginning to wonder: should some real Republicans (not the pretend kind, like Senator Craig seems to be turning into) run in the primaries next year?

Hmm, Real Republican, how about:

In all seriousness, it must be said that whoever would consider a run against Craig would be a sacrificial lamb, as I’m sure Clayton knows. Given Craig’s in-relationship with the party establishment, it’ll be hard to find a challenger and it must be said that Amnesty is a spot on what’s an otherwise good record. Of course, it’s a very dark mark. Craig’s role at the NRA, etc. will make removing him hard. Of course, he may remove himself and then we just have to be careful that the person we send up there doesn’t favor amnesty.


2 Responses to “This Looks Like a Job For…”

  1. OogaBooga [Visitor] said

    Larry Craig, while a very good REPUBLCAN YES-MAN, does not always consider what is best for Idaho or conservatives.
    If it comes down to a choice between conservatism or towing the republican party-line, Larry will tow the party line first.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Well, good point, I think this is showing there is some concern at the grassroots about Senator Craig.

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