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A Busy Vacation

Posted by Adam Graham on May 21, 2007

Friday, Sunday, and Monday were high volume active days. Thursday afternoon I got off work and within hours, we were off to a vets appointment following an interview with Mr. Cox. Friday was busy as well with a podcast with David Oatney in the morning, shopping, and getting the car lubed. Saturday was somewhat more restful. Watched some very nice DVDs and then went to Comedy Sportz in the evening. Sunday was crazy with several project coming due together. Today has been a cacophany of activity.

Monday Morning: Dental appointment. I found out the wisdom teeth have to go which means extraction, sedation, and finding a driver/ride. No luck on all counts so far. I’d like to go on a Friday after work so that I can rest up on Saturday without having to return to the grind after what I’ve gathered is quite painful oral surgery.

After that, it was off for 18 holes of Disc Golf at Ann Morrison, Lunch at Chuck-a-Rama. Then home to work on a big story I’ll breaking within the next couple of days, then a podcast in which I fumbled at the beginning with my opening clips no longer loaded in my Gizmo Project’s, the opening was weak. Thank goodness for Audacity editting software. Now, I have the Cox Campaign Podcast posted, and a blog entry made over there, along with the entries here.

Overall, I think I could have used a few more lazy days in the midst of the vacation, but on the other hand there were other things I would have wanted to get done as well that I didn’t.


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