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God: Or a Conspiracy?

Posted by Adam Graham on May 21, 2007

I’ll lean towards God as the potential conspirators (Al Gore, Bryan Fischer, and my pastor) were very unlikely to have gotten together. Somehow, this unlikely trio have gotten to me into a somewhat contemplative mood regarding my life.

It started with Al Gore in Reuters:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Former U.S. vice president Al Gore says he has “fallen out of love with politics” and does not want to run for president although he has not ruled it out completely…

“And I’m not convinced the presidency is the highest and best role I could play.”

I’ve remarked on Gore’s statement on my podcast, but it impressed me in a few ways. While I disagree with his issues, Gore has a sense of purpose, of what he should be doing in order to further them.

I’ve been thinking of another run for office (for what office I won’t say) and this questions occurs to me as to whether running for office is the best use of my time and talents.

The blogging thing is very important. I believe Conservatives need to get blogging, and I’ve been a leader of that in Idaho. Being elected to office would detract from the time I had to build the blog.

I also at this point, am one of the most consistent political podcasters out there. Truth be told, I’m enjoying the podcasts, which is a secret to it. Plus, I can see podcasting turn into my day job and taking care of the bills, if given enough time. The last few months have seen phenomenal growth in audence, and it doesn’t show much sign of stopping.

But sometimes, what’s best for us financially or even enjoyment wise isn’t what God would like us to do. I’d enjoy nothing more than spending every weekend watching four Comedy Sportz shows a weekend, but I doubt that’s God’s Will.

Then, my pastor on Sunday Morning mentioned in a sermon on leadership that there were large numbers of vacancies in American pastorates. He attributed this in part to people not praying about what God wanted them to do and simply looking at the financials. For those who don’t know that despite the stereotypes of rich preachers, most ministers eek out a living in what’s a challenging and hard job.

Now, I sincerely doubt that I’m called to pastoral ministry. If God intended me to do that, he’s never given me a clue that I’m gifted that way. Teaching, I could see. Senior pastorate, I don’t think so. But have I really done enough praying on calling and direction? That question came to me and perhaps, I do need to do more.

My Bible reading, seem to confirm that I needed to be involved in politics. I read Ezekiel 22:30:

And I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none.-Ez. 22:30

To me, with the focus I’ve had on politics, I’ve always viewed that involvement as standing in the gap. But when I read Bryan Fischer’s prayer. He sends out daily devolationals) I read this line in the prayer:

We know that even today you are looking for a man among us who will build up the wall and stand before you in the gap on behalf of the land so that you will not have to destroy it. In Ezekiel’s day, you found no one, but I pray that each of us will be that man.

It occurred to me that I could stand in the gap as a blogger, as a writer, even as a podcaster.

So what? Where does this leave me? Confused. I’ll have to pray about it and you can bet that you, the readers will be among the first to know what happens.


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