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Help to the Democrats

Posted by Adam Graham on May 21, 2007

The Idaho Democrats are looking for a slogan. Here are some of my suggestions:

-So Far to the Left One Leg is Shorter Than the Other

-Formerly California Democrats

-North End Values ARE Mainstream Idaho Values

-We Want an extra seat on JFAC

-Because Someone Has to Lose Elections

Of course there could be specialty mottos for Liberal Democrats who are trying to get the Booth House shut down:

-Compassionate Liberals for Shutting Down Homeless Shelters

And for the Idaho Senate Democrats:

-Less Seats Than a Toyota Sequoia

Julie Fanselow wonders

As one of Idaho’s leading Dem bloggers, I want to know why I hear about things like this in the local paper instead of via a press release that I can share with my very avid Democratic activist readers.

Maybe Dems are not as technologically with it as I give them credit for.


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