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Thank You, Ada and Canyon Counties

Posted by Adam Graham on May 23, 2007

Yesterday’s vote showed the common sense wisdom of Idaho voters. The approval of the Western Idaho College will open the doors of opportunity to people across the Treasure Valley and will address the needs of our valley for decades to come.

It also was done without messing with the 2/3 requirement to raise taxes and for that we can all be thankful. Our system does work.

For those Conservatives who had concerns about the district, I understand your trepidation. With this passed, I’d urge Conservatives as well as all citizens in general to be involved in this process of building the college and providing comments.

I thank my Blogospheric colleagues for joining with me in the Blogburst for the Community College. In a 68-32% election, who knows how big of a difference that support from the blogosphere made? I hope we’ll find other areas of common ground over the coming years that will allow us to work together on particular issues without compromising our strongly held beliefs.


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