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On Startin For Governor: Not Now, Please

Posted by Adam Graham on May 24, 2007

W. Lane Startin, who is blogging over at 43rd State Blues is considering a run for Governor in 2010 as the Democrats. The arguments that he should run for a lower office is somewhat silly given how hard it is to win in Idaho for the legislature. I certainly wouldn’t support him, but if he wants to run for it, he should certainly go for it. He looks like a candidate who could be trounced.

However, he should not go for it NOW. Our campaigns run too long. Our Presidential Election in reality began sometime after Christmas, 2004. No, there were no announcements, but there were “non-campaign” visits by a multitude of future candidates and non-candidates. There was fundraising and contacts were made and then there was the posturing. Larry LaRocco has announced for Senate and hired Julie Fanselow 18 months before the election.

I don’t care for the idea of Gubenatorial Candidates doing the whole Presidential thing. In addition, I think Startin has shot himself in the foot by laying his cards out this early. He’s trying to get a “Democratic Freedom Caucus” started. What he’s basically done is sent a message, “Hi, I’m starting an organization, so I can run for Governor.” That will turn off voters as well as some political activists. That, plus this has publicized his 2002 run for Congress as a member of the Green Party (not going to earn points with Party loyalists.)


3 Responses to “On Startin For Governor: Not Now, Please”

  1. Hi Adam:

    It’s not like I’m trying to be sneaky or subversive. The whole point of this early “exploratory announcement,” if you will, is to put some time in front of me to generate some name ID and fundraising, because you’re absolutely correct in assuming I have neither. One has to start somewhere, right? If come early 2009 or so both of those factors are at a point where I can be a serious candidate, I’ll commit and run. If not, I have no problem dropping down a level or two. But in the meantime, I would like to be governor, I believe I’m qualified to be governor and I believe my message can make it happen given the right resources.

    Frankly the Democrats in Idaho could use a jolt. If nothing else is obvious, it’s that Democrats need to try something different around here.

    Yes, I ran as a Green in Nevada, and frankly it was a painful experience. There’s no shortage of fundamentalist intolerance on the left, I assure you. But I’m not going to shy away from that. I did it. I learned from it. I moved on.

    As for the Idaho Democratic Freedom Caucus, that’s a separate project and never intended to be anything but. Glean from that what you will.

    This isn’t a game of posturing, or whatever. This is straight up what I’m doing. If people have a problem with that, that’s their issue. If this doesn’t work, fine, I’ll go do something else.

    Thanks for thinking of me.


  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    This is extremely early for an exploratory committee. And I don’t dispute that you intended the Democratic Freedom Caucus as something seperate, but it doesn’t look that way, and sadly perception is reality in politics.

  3. Well, when one is looking at running in Idaho with a name ID only slightly better than the leader of the Icelandic Althingi, one has to be a bit more unorthodox.

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