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The Salesman’s Pitch

Posted by Adam Graham on May 24, 2007

In my last piece, I talked about how an Idaho Planned Parenthood clinic is using an article by local abortionist Duane St. Clair to sell religious women on abortion. St. Clair’s piece is a theological defense of the practice. In the second part of this series, I examine St. Clair’s arguments.

To begin with, Dr. St. Clair readily admits that life begins at conception:

”There is no debating it is a live ovum and sperm that unite at the beginning of pregnancy; human life began thousands of years ago and has been a continuum ever since.”

A quite stunning admission from the abortionist, but at least an honest one given the current state of Embryology.

He then goes on to write:

”The important question is not when life begins but when does ‘morally relevant personhood’ begin?”

So, Dr. St. Clair, having utterly been failed by science begins liberal
theological gymnastics typical of the pro-choice crowd. Ironically, towards the end of his argument, St. Clair infers religious motives to pro-lifers (emphasis original to the document):

Others believe there is a soul present in the fertilized ovum, and therefore they feel it must be a person. However, they realize they cannot discuss their fear is that a soul may be present without the Constitution of the United States limiting them in their attempts to legally prohibit abortion. Believing in a soul is clearly a religious belief; so they continue to use the terms person and unborn child.

So thus Dr. St. Clair leads us to a debate outside science, coming down to a basic debate over personhood and the presence of a soul. Advocates of the pro-choice position claim to be about science and reason, not religion and philosophy. Yet, as many advocates before him have done, St. Clair rejects science for a philosophy that arbitrarily denies human rights to million. .
The other points, I’ll merely summarize as these points have been vigorously debated over the Internet:

He makes the silly argument that abortion is okay due to the number of miscarriages that occur. Abortion is justified by the fact that there are spontaneous miscarriages in the same way first degree murder is justified by the fact that people die of natural causes.

Dr. St. Clair writes, “We must either reject all abortions or allow every woman the right decide which cases are ‘hard cases.’ No one can place a value judgment on another person’s situation.”

Here Dr. St. Clair has gone from medicine to philosophy to law. What he states isn’t true. Our legal system makes value judgments about people’s situations all the time. We take a look at one case of killing and we say, “It was in self-defense, you are therefore not guilty.” We take a look at another and say, “You were enraged and killed someone in the heat of the moment with no premeditation, you are guilty of manslaughter.” We take a look at still another case and say, “You killed this person with malice aforethought and are guilty of first degree murder.”

The Old Testament Law rings with such evaluations and judgments based on different situations. If you take a look at the law (Exodus-Deuteronomy) you’ll find a law book that examines what happens in dozens of different circumstances. For example, if a man killed another accidentally, he could flee to a city of refuge to avoid being killed by an avenging relative, if he killed out of malice he could not.

St. Clair then judges the right to life stance as unchristian (and by extension those who advocate for it) by ironically citing the “Judge not” scripture, thus judging the entire Pro-Life movement.

As I said, it’s fairly typical of the stuff you’ll find on the Internet advocating abortion. The only difference is that this one-sided propaganda is being handed out to young women in an attempt to influence them to have an abortion, and that is truly an outrage.


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