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Yes, I Have Wondered

Posted by Adam Graham on May 24, 2007

Bitterman at Ales Rarus writes:

Do you ever think about what other people think about you? I mean more than the usual, “Oh my god, I’m so fat” way that people worry about. What I’m trying to get at is what people really think about you as a person. Where do others see you fitting in their world, and what do they think you’re really like?

This is one of those questions that a great source of challenge for me. I imagine what other people think of me. It’s a tremendous challenge, particularly since my imagination goes wild trying to guess. It’s a great challenge for me.

Of course, you never really know what people think of you, not even right after you die. Right after you die, everyone is solemn and respectul out of sensitivity to your family (unless your name is Jerry Falwell.) So about 45 days after I’m dead, it’ll emerge what people really thought. I just won’t be around to find out. Foiled again.


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