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Let John Cox In Weekend Open Trackbacks

Posted by Adam Graham on May 25, 2007

We’ve all heard the saying that anybody can grow up and run for President. Sadly, this has become less true as time goes on. Now, the man I’m working for, John Cox is being locked out of the debate process despite having campaigned across Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, and picking up many supporters as he goes.

In debates that will include candidates like Governor Jim Gilmore, Congressman Duncan Hunter, or Congressman Ron Paul (all of whom finished no better in the latest Des Moines Register Poll), there’s a certain lack of fairness in the process. I’d ask you to use the information below to contact WMUR/CNN, etc. to help get Mr. Cox in the debate, even if you don’t support him (please also sign this petition as well.) All voices should be heard before we make the important choice of a presidential candidate.

To get Republican Presidential Candidate John Cox into the Republican Presidential Debate on June 5 in New Hampshire. The debate is being hosted by CNN, WMUR-TV, and the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper. We need to call, e-mail and fax the sponsors of the debate and insist that they include John Cox in the debate.


New Hampshire Union Leader
Phone: 603-668-4321 or 1-800-562-8218
Fax: 603-668-0382

To e-mail go to the website:
Phone: 404-827-2750

To e-mail go to the website:
Phone: 800-257-5151
Fax: 603-641-9005


Tell them that you and others want John Cox included in the Debate on June 5.
Tell them that 60 percent of Republicans are still undecided and that Republicans are still waiting for another candidate to emerge. John Cox is that candidate.
Tell them that candidates like Ron Paul, Jim Gilmore, and Tommy Thompson are not gaining new supporters since they’ve been in the last 2 televised debates.
The sponsors need to shake things up and add a new face to the debate. By adding John Cox to the debate, viewers will get another reason to watch the debate and they’ll see John Cox criticize the other candidates, there will be fireworks thus creating news stories. The viewers will see that John Cox is the Ronald Reagan conservative that they’ve been looking for. In South Carolina, John Cox is already listed on the ballot for the Republican Presidential Primary. In South Carolina, John Cox beat all of the other Republican Presidential Candidates in the Aiken County Republican Party Straw Poll, and he came in 2nd place in the McCormick County Straw Poll. In all of the other straw polls in South Carolina, John Cox repeatedly received more votes than Ron Paul, Jim Gilmore, Tommy Thompson, Tom Tancredo, and Sam Brownback.
In Iowa, all of the Republican County Chairmen were surveyed by a website, and when the county chairmen were asked which candidate they would be willing to support, John Cox came in 5th place.

Encourage them to visit the campaign website:
Reiterate the importance of adding a new face to the debate to make it more interesting. They need to add John Cox.

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