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Idahoans are The Best…We Have to Be

Posted by Adam Graham on May 28, 2007

A recent survey shows Idahoans are America’s best drivers. Apparently, they didn’t survey college students or those who panicked at the sight of snow.

Of course, Idahoans are the best, we have to be. We face many serious challenges. Eagle Road is a challenge anytime you drive on it past 1 a.m. They ought to give you a medal for every hundred trips on there without an accident.

To be an Idaho driver (particularly one in the Boise area) you have to navigate a confusing labrynth of streets that can only have been designed by a research scientist, trying to extend “rats in the maze” to human beings in cars. Yet somehow, we find our way and survive.

Of course, the lack of snow throws some of us off. We wonder what that white stuff is. Thankfully, most of us figure out its snow and even though we rarely see it, we’re smart enough to know that we have to drive slow on it. Now, of course some people drive far too slow, but we have yet to have an accident because of it.

So, good work Idaho drivers. Well done on being #1.


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